Five Moving Tips for Packing your Kitchen

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The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where meals are created, memories are made and laughs are shared. Which is why, when it comes to packing for a move, packing the kitchen can feel overwhelming. However, if you have a plan and a schedule, it’s easier than you think.  Here are five moving tips to help you pack up your kitchen like a pro before your big move:

  1. Make a plan. Before you start tossing your kitchen supplies into boxes, come up with a packing plan. Create a calendar that will help you stay on track and pack more productively. Schedule it out far enough that you’ll know you can easily complete your packing with time to spare. Pack items that you rarely use early and set a goal of packing a certain number of boxes per week. Spending some extra time on the planning process now will save you tons of time and stress when moving day comes.  
  2. Let it go! Much like the rules that apply to clothes you haven’t worn in years, if you open your pantry or spice cabinet and find items you’ll probably never eat, get rid of them. If they’re still edible, donate them. If spices and baking supplies are expired, toss them. There’s no point in packing and moving food items you haven’t used in your old kitchen and probably won’t use in your new one either. Now’s the time for a fresh start!
  3. Stay organized. There’s nothing worse than making your first meal in your new home and realizing you forgot which box the salt and pepper shakers are in. Box dinnerware, silverware, cooking utensils, glassware and food in their own boxes. Clearly label each box. Labels like “Kitchen Miscellaneous” won’t be of much help to you when you’re looking for your coffee maker in your new house.
  4. Set aside the essentials. Make a list of the kitchen supplies you’re going to need immediately before and after your move. At a minimum, each family member will need one plate, cup and a set of flatware. Keep out a couple of bowls, a dish towel or two, hand soap, dish soap and a sponge. You’ll also need cleaning supplies, so don’t pack those up until the end. This is the one box that can contain mixed items. Label this box “Kitchen Essentials” and set it to the side so it doesn’t get mixed in with the other boxes.
  5. Start packing!  You have your plan and timeline in place, your Sharpie is handy and you’ve set aside your essentials. It’s time to get packing! If you never start, you’ll never finish. Just take it one box at a time. You’ve got this.

Packing up your kitchen is a big job, but these tips will help you break it down into manageable steps. However, if you’re like many folks, you might rather leave this job to someone else. If so, your moving company can send a team of packing professionals to do the job for you. Either way, before you know it, you’ll be enjoying meals and making new memories with your family in the kitchen in your new home.

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How to Pack a Truck Like a Pro Mover

Packing a truck is like Jenga

How are you at Tetris? Jenga? If you’re out of practice with these kinds of skills, and you’re planning to move yourself instead of using a pro mover in the near future, it’s time to get back in the game. Packing a truck like a pro mover is tricky–it’s like putting together a complicated jigsaw puzzle. But the stakes are a little higher with this particular puzzle because if all the pieces aren’t put together just right, some of them could end up broken at the end of the day. Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks to ensure that your most treasured possessions don’t end up in more than one piece when you roll up that truck door at the end of your moving journey.

  1. Appliances go first. Load your refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer all the way towards the front of the truck, standing up. (This means that your fridge should have been emptied into coolers the night before–hopefully with a nice selection of beverages for your friends who are helping you move!) Distribute the weight evenly from side to side. Tuck the plugs inside or on top of the items to avoid damaging them with other furniture.
  2. Couches and other large pieces go next. Sure, some of your slacker friends who are there to “help” would like to sit on the couch while you pack other things, but the couch and other large items like entertainment centers and recliners need to be the next things you load. Use these pieces to anchor the appliances and secure them with straps. Hold back any removable cushions though–you can use those to cushion fragile items later.
  3. Load long, flat items along the sides of the truck. Items like mattresses, box springs, table tops and bookshelves will slide right along the side and the space between them is perfect for fragile items like mirrors and artwork. Use moving blankets or cushions to give these items extra padding.
  4. Build a pyramid of boxes. It’s helpful to have your boxes organized by heavy, medium and light (and also clearly labeled as to which room they go in on the other end of the move!) Keep your boxes stacked at an even height throughout the truck. If there’s a gap between stacks, they can come crashing down like dominos if you have to hit the brakes.
  5. Fill in the gaps. You’ll have lots of nooks and crannies to fill with other miscellaneous items like lamps, large baskets and things that don’t stack well. You could also stuff your slacker friend in here. (We’re kidding.)
  6. Don’t roll with liquids. Remember that it’s very dangerous to transport chemicals like cleaning supplies or gas tanks on your truck. These things should be packed separately in small boxes and loaded into a personal vehicle. And don’t forget to unload them right away when you reach your destination if it’s a hot day!

Loading is the hardest part of moving day, but it’s important to take the time to pack your truck properly at Point A to avoid heartbreak at Point B. Unloading will typically take half as much time, so once you feel good about your Tetris, know that the game is more than halfway over.

Moving is a big deal, and it can be overwhelming. If you feel like your upcoming move is more than you can take on yourself, your friends at Jay’s Moving Company are here for you with packing and moving services in central and northern Indiana. Jay’s Moving Company takes pride in making your move with them “The Best Move You’ll Ever Make.” Jay’s is a Hoosier-owned company that’s been proudly serving Indiana since 1951. For more information about Jay’s services and pricing, visit our website.

Pare Down the Clutter in the New Year if You’re Planning a Move

Most of us really love our stuff. Some things, we hold onto for sentimental reasons– a teddy bear that someone we love won for us a long time ago or cards and pictures that the kids made (for the last ten years…) Other things have piled up because we just haven’t taken time to get rid of them– old magazines, clothes that no longer fit us despite our best-intentioned New Year’s resolutions (for the last ten years…) The start of a new year is the best time to clear out the clutter. And if you’re planning a move in the next few months, the time to start paring down what you’ll have to pack is now!

Here’s a handy list of ways you can lighten your load when moving day comes.

  • Get rid of any clothes you haven’t worn in a year. Yes, we know, you’re planning to start eating better and working out so that you can fit back into the things that are too small. Here’s a better idea: eat right and work out and then treat yourself to some new clothes. Donate your old clothes to an organization that will do good things with them, such as Dress for Success.
  • If you’ve got a pile of magazines sitting around because there’s one article or recipe in each one that you wanted to save, spend a Sunday morning going through them. Tear out each article or recipe and put them all in a ring binder. Then, it’s off to the recycle bin with what’s left!
  • Clean out your leftover container drawer. You’ve probably got about twenty containers in there that have no lids (or vice versa.) And, no, you don’t need to move that Cool-Whip container. You can always get another one.
  • Purge your paper files. Paper is heavy! The last thing you want to do is tote boxes of old files to your new home and then realize you don’t need them when you’re unpacking. Back to the Sunday morning strategy of plowing through them and sorting out what’s no longer relevant. Take them to a shredding service and move on.

Taking a little time to pare down the clutter in the cold winter months is the best way to welcome a fresh start in the spring. It’s too cold to go outside anyway. Planning a move can feel overwhelming, but when you’re ready to move, the friendly and efficient team of moving experts at Jay’s Moving Company will be ready to help you get there– it’s the best move you’ll ever make!

The Top Six Things to Consider When Hiring a Mover


Moving can be exciting, with the promise of a new home (or even a new home town!) It can also be exhausting, overwhelming, and incredibly stressful. Much like planning a wedding, you can plot out as many details as you want, but in the end, part of the success of it depends on the other people you entrust to bring it all together. And while there will always be factors outside of anyone’s control (like the weather!) your moving day can either be smooth sailing or a downright disaster. Here are the Top 6 Things to Consider to ensure that your day is more of the former than the latter!

  1. Does the company have experience?

This seems like a pretty simple question, but it’s worth asking. How many years have they been in business? Just because the company has a website and a truck with a logo on it doesn’t mean they’ve been around long enough to know which end is up. When you’re entrusting your precious possessions to people you don’t know, experience matters.

  1. Do they have a good reputation and online reviews?

In this day and age, it only makes sense to check out a vendor before you hire them. Of course, no one can hit a homerun every time they perform a service. There will always be some negative reviews, either from truly dissatisfied customers or folks who just love to complain. But a solid company should have more positive than negative reviews, and you should take the time to assess them.

  1. Is the company licensed and properly insured?

Moving days can be “anything can happen days.” It’s incredibly important to know that the company you contract is covered if something happens to your possessions, your new home, your old home, or one of the movers during the course of the day.

  1. Does the company provide a written estimate?

You need to be sure that you’re comparing apples to apples when you’re comparing mover’s rates. If a company only provides you with a verbal (or online) estimate and it seems too good to be true, beware. It probably is. There can often be hidden costs or surprises that get added onto your bill at the end.

  1. Does the company respond quickly?

If you request an estimate online or on the phone, and that company doesn’t respond within 24 hours, you should look elsewhere. If they don’t respond to you when you’re looking to give them money, how can you expect them to respond after they’ve taken it?

  1. Do you feel confident they will handle your belongings with respect and care? 

Are the people you talk to empathetic, patient and kind? If not, run the other way. If the schedulers and estimators aren’t nice people, that’s an indication that your movers won’t be either. You need to have people you feel you can trust to move your precious belongings from Point A to Point B. Plus, having some really nice guys with smiling faces and a great attitude can go a long way towards making your moving day less of a chore.

There are plenty of moving companies in Indianapolis to choose from. Jay’s Moving Company is a Hoosier-owned company that’s been proudly serving Indiana since 1951. For more information about our services and get a free quote, click here.