Labeling Your Boxes for Easy Unpacking

moving companiesMoving day is drawing near, and it’s time to get packing! The task of labeling your moving boxes might seem obvious, but having a system for labeling your boxes can help make moving day go more smoothly than you ever imagined. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for labeling boxes, choosing the right method can help streamline the process and keep you in control on moving day and beyond.

Here are a few labeling ideas to save you from losing your mind (and your Grandma’s fine china:)

  1. Prioritize. You’ll probably need your alarm clock before you need your Grandma’s china. So, labeling each box with a different priority will provide an easier method for you to navigate through the task of unpacking. Writing “high” or (“H”) on boxes, along with the designated room will indicate that you need to open it immediately. Save “medium” and “low” priorities for items that you can wait to unpack after the dust from the moving truck settles.
  2. Color your world. Creating a color system with markers or tape can give you a quick visual when you begin to unpack. With your colored markers in hand, begin by assigning a color for each room or space. (For example, Red = Kitchen, Blue = Living Room.) Labeling your rooms with corresponding colored signs will help your movers know where to go on moving day and ensure that your kitchenware doesn’t end up in the rec room.
  3. Make it as easy as 1,2,3.  If spreadsheets are your jam, consider a numbering system. You’ll save yourself a lot of writing time. Create a simple reference list that matches the rooms in your new home with the numbers on your spreadsheet. Write that number on the box on at least two sides and add it to your list, along with its contents. This process can be a time saver but make sure to keep your list in a safe spot so it’s not lost on moving day!

Extra labeling tips:

  • Don’t wait. To boost your overall efficiency and avoid frustration, label your boxes as soon as they’re packed. Whether you’re moving next Monday or a month from now, It’s easy to get distracted when you’re packing and you certainly don’t want to have to unpack a box before moving day to remember what you put in there.
  • Placement is key. Mark your boxes on at least two sides so your movers can easily see the labels. This can be especially helpful when you plan to use a storage vault or you don’t plan to unpack some of your boxes for a while.
  • Be Consistent. Whatever system you choose, stick with it. Consistent labeling and placement will help your movers work as quickly and efficiently as possible when moving day rolls around.

Whether you’re moving across country or across the street, these simple solutions can help you crush it on moving day. Pick a system that fits your personal style, stick with it and stay organized and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how smooth the unpacking process can be.

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There are plenty of moving companies in Indiana. Choosing experienced, compassionate and professional movers can make all the difference when the big day comes around. Jay’s Moving Company takes pride in making your move with them “The Best Move You’ll Ever Make.” Jay’s is a Hoosier-owned company that’s been proudly serving Indiana since 1951. For more information about Jay’s services and pricing, visit our website.

Tips and Tricks for Moving into Your New-Build Home

Moving to new-build home

You’ve spent countless hours working with your builder customizing your new-build home. From picking out the perfect floorplan to choosing the finish on your countertops, you’ve been hands-on throughout this whole process. You’re already fantasizing about the housewarming party you’ll be throwing once you’re settled in. But before you mail the invitations, check out this list of tips and tricks for moving into new-build homes that can help you have a smoother moving day.



  • Save the date. As your builder puts on the final touches, you’ll receive an estimated date for moving into your new-build home. Call your moving company to get on the schedule as soon as you get this, and remember that you might get a better price if you consider a weekday move.
  • Get insured. Schedule a conversation with your insurance agent as soon as you sign the papers on your new house. Your new home will most likely require different levels of coverage than your existing home, and you don’t want to wait until after you move in to get your home covered.
  • Lighten your load. Take this opportunity to declutter your life. Moving into a new-build home is a chance to start fresh and become more organized. Be brutal in your clean-out efforts and assess your existing furniture. Will it go with your new decor, or should you donate some things and start with new?
  • Expect the unexpected. With custom homes in particular, there can be bumps in the road. Even if you’ve been given an estimated date to move into your new-build home, it’s not set in stone. Your moving company should be flexible with dates and understand that your new home’s completion date is beyond your control. Things happen. It rains, electrical wires get crossed, cabinets are stained the wrong color, so have a backup plan ready. If you have to be out of your current house before your new home is ready, consider renting a storage vault for all of your items until you’re ready for move-in day.
  • Use your floorplan. Use the floorplan your new home builder gave you and plot out where you want to put your furniture. They may even have an interactive floorplan on their website you can use. Then, on moving day, your movers will know exactly where they’re heading.
  • Mind your driveway. Brand new driveways can be easily damaged. You should let your moving company know if your driveway is less than 30 days old. Ask your builder if it’s okay for a moving truck to drive on it once you know your date for moving into your new-build home. If your builder is concerned that the driveway could be damaged, your moving company should be prepared to bring dollies and extra manpower to load things in from the street.
  • Tread lightly. Your movers should bring neoprene runners and also pad-wrap your furniture and railings free of charge. However, you might want additional protection for brand new hardwood floors and carpeting. If possible, go in a day early and lay down heavy-duty building paper over your floors. You can also order extra floor pads from your movers.

Moving into new-build home

Moving into a new home means opening a brand new chapter in your life. Once the business of unpacking and settling in is done, the fun of decorating and organizing your new home begins. Enjoy every moment … a lifetime of new memories awaits.

About Jay’s Moving Company

There are plenty of moving companies in Indiana. Choosing experienced, compassionate and professional movers can make all the difference when the big day comes around. Jay’s Moving Company takes pride in making your move with us  The Best Move You’ll Ever Make.

Jay’s Moving Company is a Hoosier-owned moving company that’s been proudly serving Indiana since 1951 and we’re deeply entrenched in our community. For more information about Jay’s services and pricing, visit our website.

Seven Steps to Make Freshman Move-in Day a Breeze

It seems like just yesterday your kids were walking across the stage at graduation. And you’ve spent the summer soaking up as many days with them as possible. But sure enough, August is here and their freshmen move-in date is rapidly approaching. They’re about to start a monumental new chapter, but first, you have to get them there. Ease your mind and make freshmen move-in day a breeze with these seven steps:

back to school move

  • Make a plan.

Before your kids let the excitement of this new season of life take over, come up with a moving plan. If possible, encourage them to set up a time to see the dorm they’ll be living in before moving in. Bring a tape measure and take photos. If visiting ahead of time isn’t an option, ask them to take a break from Netflix to get online. Most schools have dorm dimensions on their website so students can see how much space they’re working with. Find out the exact times and dates that they’re allowed to move in. Plan to get on campus early so there will be plenty of time for them to organize and decorate later. Plus, the early bird gets the elevator! Encourage them to communicate with their roommate when they’re going to be moving in, and try to schedule around each other. Making a plan ahead of time with your college students will save time and stress.


  • Pack only the essentials.

Dorm rooms are small and most students share them. The basic furniture will be provided. Make sure to pack bed linens, towels, toiletries, basic school supplies and clothes. If you’re not using a moving company, make sure that your car is packed properly. Remind your students that they really won’t need their winter wardrobe in August. Have them trade out those items when they come home for Thanksgiving. They should pack their everyday clothes, workout apparel and a couple of dressier options. If you know they are planning to rush a fraternity or sorority, they may want to pack some more formal options.


  • Grab the kits.

This is probably one of the most overlooked items when it comes to packing lists, but having a basic toolkit will go a long way. It’s not only useful when moving in but they’ll quickly find that things break, fall down and need to be hung up throughout the year. Need we mention that they too fall down and may need a little fixing? Pack a first-aid kit with band-aids, antibiotic cream, some pain relievers, and antacids as well as an electrolyte drink or two to stay hydrated in case they become sick.


  • Inspect the room and fill out forms.

Once you all get to campus, your students will have to check in, get their keys and will likely be given a clipboard full of forms for them to inspect the condition of their room upon moving in. Before they start unpacking their stuff, have them do a thorough inspection of the condition of the room. Don’t just check “fine.” Be thorough and if there’s a big problem, they need to let someone know immediately. There will probably be a checking out form too, and you won’t want them to be responsible for fixing something that was already in bad shape when they arrived.



back to school move

  • Sort and organize.

Start off on the right foot by having them sort and organize their items early. Encourage them not to just throw their stuff into drawers. They should designate a drawer for each type of clothing item, utilize storage bins, and make sure they’re keeping their stuff on their side. You don’t want your kids to be “that roommate.” Taking the time to help them get organized early on will ensure that everything has a place and a purpose. Try to do this before you leave so if there isn’t room or it’s not as essential as they originally thought, you could take it back home or put it in a storage facility.


  • Hire a moving company.

Take the stress out of the moving process by hiring a moving company. This is especially helpful if your student won’t have a car with them. Many moving companies even have special offers for back-to-school moves. You can breathe easy knowing that professionals are going to be handling their move.


  • Pack the tissues.

Not only is this going to be a big transition for your students, it’s going to be a big adjustment for you too. It doesn’t really sink in that they’re heading off to college until they’ve moved into their dorm room. All they’re thinking about is if it’ll be easy to make friends, how the on-campus food will taste and if that cutie they saw at move-in is single. All you’re thinking about as parents is if they’ll be safe and that your home is going to be short one kid. Be prepared for some tears, but don’t think of this as “goodbye,” just as “see you later.”


back to school move

Now that you’ve got them moved in, you can relax, give your college student a hug and maybe a $20 bill for some pizza–if you want to be that “cool” parent–and send them on their way. It’s an exciting time in their lives. Encourage them to study hard, give you guys a call every once in a while and have the time of their lives. Now, relax knowing that you’ve aced the first step in freshman move-in day.


About Jay’s Moving Company

There are plenty of moving companies in Indiana. Choosing experienced, compassionate and professional movers can make all the difference when the big day comes around. Jay’s Moving Company takes pride in making your move with us  The Best Move You’ll Ever Make.

Jay’s Moving Company is a Hoosier-owned moving company that’s been proudly serving Indiana since 1951 and we’re deeply entrenched in our community. For more information about Jay’s services and pricing, visit our website.


The Top Six Things to Consider When Hiring a Mover


Moving can be exciting, with the promise of a new home (or even a new home town!) It can also be exhausting, overwhelming, and incredibly stressful. Much like planning a wedding, you can plot out as many details as you want, but in the end, part of the success of it depends on the other people you entrust to bring it all together. And while there will always be factors outside of anyone’s control (like the weather!) your moving day can either be smooth sailing or a downright disaster. Here are the Top 6 Things to Consider to ensure that your day is more of the former than the latter!

  1. Does the company have experience?

This seems like a pretty simple question, but it’s worth asking. How many years have they been in business? Just because the company has a website and a truck with a logo on it doesn’t mean they’ve been around long enough to know which end is up. When you’re entrusting your precious possessions to people you don’t know, experience matters.

  1. Do they have a good reputation and online reviews?

In this day and age, it only makes sense to check out a vendor before you hire them. Of course, no one can hit a homerun every time they perform a service. There will always be some negative reviews, either from truly dissatisfied customers or folks who just love to complain. But a solid company should have more positive than negative reviews, and you should take the time to assess them.

  1. Is the company licensed and properly insured?

Moving days can be “anything can happen days.” It’s incredibly important to know that the company you contract is covered if something happens to your possessions, your new home, your old home, or one of the movers during the course of the day.

  1. Does the company provide a written estimate?

You need to be sure that you’re comparing apples to apples when you’re comparing mover’s rates. If a company only provides you with a verbal (or online) estimate and it seems too good to be true, beware. It probably is. There can often be hidden costs or surprises that get added onto your bill at the end.

  1. Does the company respond quickly?

If you request an estimate online or on the phone, and that company doesn’t respond within 24 hours, you should look elsewhere. If they don’t respond to you when you’re looking to give them money, how can you expect them to respond after they’ve taken it?

  1. Do you feel confident they will handle your belongings with respect and care? 

Are the people you talk to empathetic, patient and kind? If not, run the other way. If the schedulers and estimators aren’t nice people, that’s an indication that your movers won’t be either. You need to have people you feel you can trust to move your precious belongings from Point A to Point B. Plus, having some really nice guys with smiling faces and a great attitude can go a long way towards making your moving day less of a chore.

There are plenty of moving companies in Indianapolis to choose from. Jay’s Moving Company is a Hoosier-owned company that’s been proudly serving Indiana since 1951. For more information about our services and get a free quote, click here.